Pain Management

Customized pain management benefits many patients by providing unusual doses of medication in the most appropriate form. By working with physicians, we are able to compound the following dosage forms to meet patients’ needs:


We have the capabilities to make capsules with the exact amount of medication the physician wants. The drug can be in a capsule for immediate release, a slow release formulation, or in combination with other drugs.


This is absorbing medications in the mouth and is preferred in some cases for faster onset of action or avoiding swallowing problems. We can compound either drops or lozenge containing many different medicines.


Administering medications through the skin is preferred in many cases when patients are unable to swallow or when a local affect is necessary. This varies from applying an absorption enhanced gel containing a narcotic or anti-nausea medication for absorption into the blood stream to applying non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a local affect.


Many drugs can be administered rectally when necessary. We have the capability to compound suppositories containing many different medications.